View Full Version : G751 - Why can't it just be awesome! Feeling conflicted.

12-05-2014, 01:19 AM
I've spent over 3 weeks trying to decide what my next laptop should be. This will be the first computer I've bought in over 8 years, and almost every specification I came across in my searches meant almost nothing to me at first, but after many hours getting myself up to date on the latest in cpu's, gpu's, ssd's, displays, etc. , and looking through everything from Lenovo to Alienware and MSI to Origin and Falcon Northwest, I decided upon the Asus ROG g751, based on a combination of the components, the price, and the very positive reviews it got from every tech website I could find. It seemed to me like I had been very thorough in my research and I was confident I had made the right decision and ready to find a retailer and give them my money. That's when the trouble started.

I started at the official ASUS ROG g751 page, which had several online retailers listed alphabetically. Being the thorough guy I am I opened up a tab from each one, so I could see how they differed if at all. Well, after reading through every site's options and prices and every comment on every site that actually had any (Sears.com still does not have any comments, in fact I think they may actually just be selling a low-res .jpg image of a g751) I found my way here, to the belly of the beast, where the more I read the less inclined I am to spend a significant amount of money on this machine. My biggest concerns are:

-Seemingly high occurrence of as yet unresolved sub-woofer/speaker issues

-Inability to order mounting bracket for PCIe upgrade if SSD not bought from retailer

-Conflicting reports on success of cloning retailer HDD's onto user-installed PCIe SSD's

-Uncertainty about ability to replace battery if it became necessary

I love the idea of what the g751 is supposed to be, but this lot seems to have some serious warts, and I am considering looking elsewhere at this point. Is this an anomaly for Asus? Will they get it sorted out?

12-05-2014, 01:33 AM
To be fair, I don't really fault Asus for the HDD cloning issues, I'm assuming it's mostly user error, but as a relative greenhorn in this field I feel I am just the kind of user who will err, which makes me want to avoid it.

12-05-2014, 01:46 AM
I'm using G751JT-CH71 but I'm not experiencing any speaker problems. I bet I'm the lucky one then :S

I also don't like that users can't remove the batteries unless they totally disassemble the laptop... I know someone who spilled some water on one of the battery non-removable asus laptops and was not able to turn off the power. Eventually the laptop got fried. I'm concerned that something similar would also happen to my laptop:S

Apart from those few problems I still think I bought a great laptop.

12-05-2014, 02:50 AM
I'm using G751JT-CH71 but I'm not experiencing any speaker problems. I bet I'm the lucky one then :S

Could you please run the audio -dump program in the Subwoofer Thread and PM your result to MarshallR?

Having a working system to compare our broken-system results to would help tremendously.

12-05-2014, 04:21 AM
I'm in the EXACT same boat! For every 2 good reviews I read, I see 1 really discouraging one. It's a lot of money for something that that might cause a lot of problems for years to come. The catch is all the other brands have worse reviews, or just don't have the right configuration. the G751 comes SO close. But the few problems people are reporting sound to be like an expensive pain in the ass. I would love to hear from those that have had ZERO problems, period. Also, from those that have the sound system working, how do you like the quality of the sound? (important for those rare moments you might actually watch a movie or listen to music out of your laptop)?

12-05-2014, 05:41 AM
the back left usb port is my biggest issue
followed by bad keyboard layout
and red backlight keys it's so dim still can't read the keys only in a dark room
the subwoofer is bad but i don't use the laptop speakers
other than that it is a very capable gaming machine which is my main usage

Carl Fredrik
12-05-2014, 09:54 AM
I got the left usb problem , sometimes it wont bot up my mouse, so i have to pull the conector out and reconect it for it to work.
It happens maybe one time out of nine bout ups and it always works fine after its found by laptop. It also never ocurs with my usb conected headset when i use same port (closest to screen).
I got the sound issue to but im only using my rog orion headset for gaming and movies so i dont really care.

Other than that its working fine in games and got really god scores in the latest 3 d mark ;-). I think its a solid laptop, quite and with a god ips screen .I have never had an error message so far. I say , go for it.