View Full Version : JTCHEN2002 shows you how to break 46k with the R3E on 3Dmark06

09-14-2010, 12:31 AM
JTChen2002 shows you how he broke 46k on 3dmark06 using the R3E and Xpander :o


his settings from the video:

QPI LLC jumper [enable]
LN2 mode [enable]
gulftown temp [-160~ -180'C] differs from each CPU
Ai overclock tuner [manual]
2D performance booster [disable]
CPU ratio setting [33]
CPU turbo power limit [disable]
BCLK frequency [191] power up [133], CPU test [191], GT test [198]
PCIE frequency [111]
DRAM frequency [1914Mhz]
UCLK frequency [4595Mhz]
QPI link data rate [6893MT/s]
DRAM timing control [77721 1N]

Digi+ PWR mode [X-power]
PWM volt. Control [10V]
Load-line calibration [Full calibration] CPU voltage OCP [disable] CPU PWM frequency [500khz] Subzero booster--[auto]

Extreme OV [enable]
Extreme OC [mode 2]
CPU voltage [1.88125]
CPU PLL voltage [1.51050] differs from CPU
QPI/DRAM core voltage [1.55]
DRAM bus voltage[2.0] differs from dimm module
IOH voltage [1.31175]
ICH voltage [auto]
ICH PCIE voltage [auto]
QPI voltage OCP [disable]
IOH voltage OCP [disable]
DRAM voltage OCP [disable]
QPI PWM frequency [auto]
IOH PWM frequency [auto]
DRAM PWM frequency [auto]

09-16-2010, 05:20 PM
Thats just crazy! good work JT!

What were the CPU and NB clock skews?

11-02-2010, 02:41 AM
Hey Brian! is the Xpander released in Japan? US release anytime soon?