View Full Version : G73SW Backlit Keyboard Not Working (not flashing at post)

12-06-2014, 10:54 AM
Hi all,

have spent my afternoon searching this forum and the notebookreview boards, have seen a lot of talk of the 'Gary method" which seems to be more aimed at G73JH's instead, I tried it nonetheless, no dice.

I've re-installed ATK numerous times, restarted it a lot also.

I had it apart to replace the SATA sub board as I was having constant HDD dropouts, so it's nice to have that fixed now...
I can't honestly say how carefully i unplugged the keyboard, but i wish i didnt, because I really didnt need to in the long run.

my question is, is there a way around this? I recall losing my backlit a couple of years ago, I got it back but I cannot remember how, or whether it was flashing at post.

I'm thinking this is hardware related, pondering whether replacing the keyboard itself is the smart move, or if this is the connector on the board :(

would love some feedback or ideas on how i can get it to work again.


02-18-2015, 05:09 AM
I'm having the same issue... Though my issue is from 2+ years of sitting in a drawer. I finally got around to replacing a fried CPU and all is well EXCEPT the backlit keyboard. I have tried everything I can find online except that "Keyboard fix" from some guy named Gary. The files aren't available anymore.

02-18-2015, 07:02 AM


I reuploaded it for you


Should work on all G73's. Just make sure you didn't flip the backlight cable and remember if you have it connected you should see it come on for a second as the computer posts.