View Full Version : Asus G46VW Unable to Install Drivers or Use nvidia card

12-10-2014, 08:59 PM

I've been looking for a solution to this to no avail. I recently had my motherboard replaced, and while everything else seems to work fine, my laptop will no longer recognize that it has an Nvidia card available. I tried to install the drivers from the ASUS website, but it said it could not find any compatible graphics cards.

If I run a tool/profiler like PerformanceTest, it sees only the Intel 4000 graphics card and not the nvidia.

Is it possible that the motherboard I received does not have the proper graphics card, or is there something I have to set for my laptop to once again notice the card?

Thank you.

12-17-2014, 11:22 PM
The Nvidia site also has a utility to search your system for an Nvidia card before updating the drivers. Maybe you should try that one too. I'm not suggesting it's a fix, but it's another way to check what's going on.

Can you go back to wherever you bought the motherboard? Or to whoever installed it?

Good luck with that! I've also replaced the motherboard in one of these and thankfully it worked out OK.