View Full Version : G74 Freezing Up, but HDD is Fine....

12-11-2014, 02:33 PM
Hoping you can help me determine what the problem is; I'm 99% sure it's NOT the drive, because it works fine on my other computer...

About 3 days ago, my computer started freezing up; cursor wouldn't move, CTRL+ALT+DEL wouldn't do anything...nothing to do but hard shutdowns. At first it happened after about 60 seconds of use, then it got to the point it wouldn't even boot up...the screen would be dark gray/black; not "off", but as if it was displaying a solid black image. This was random...sometimes you'd reach the logon screen, sometimes not (the one where it says "...did not shut down properly...do you want to start in safe mode(s)"..etc) Also, sometimes the fan would kick into a really high speed, but there was no heat coming out...the computer wasn't warmed up at all. BTW, battery was fully charged, and I experimented with "AC brick plugged in" and "not plugged in"..that didn't change anything.

When you could reach it, logging in w/safe mode didn't change it...it would still freeze within 60-90 seconds. After 30-40 tries (what happened on startup was sporadic, so I was hoping I could get it going at least once)...I put it aside for the night. Next day, it launches up GREAT!!!! I open up & start to backup some photos to my external drive...it's working for about 4 minutes...then it freezes. Then it's right back where it was the night before, so I remove the drive, put it in a case & plug it into my desktop via USB, I get full access & backup all my files fine. BUT, before I did that, I plugged the USB into the laptop & it actually took me to the screen where you can choose safe modes or normal...I click safe mode, the little bar-graph at the bottom is at about 70% of loading the system...then it freezes (before Windows even opens!!).

So I think I'm at the point where it's either the motherboard, the CPU or the power supply (but that's ON the motherboard, isn't it?). Motherboards are $200-300 on ebay...definitely worth it at this point vs. ponying up $1300 for a new G-series. But is there any way for me to verify exactly what the problem is? Could it be something OTHER than the motherboard? I'm thinking I might be able to pull some dump logs or other logs off the drive, if that helps (which ones??). But I tried that early on, when I was getting 60 seconds of access before it froze, and most of the errors were about the hard shutdowns...I couldn't see anything that looked like an 'underlying cause'.

Thanks for any help you can give me on this!! BTW, thinking ahead, can I get any of the G74 'sub-model' boards, or do I have to get my exact part #? Cuz mine doesn't actually let you put in 2 drives, though for years I thought I could. I thought that because it has 2 HDD 'bays', and 2 metal drive-holding plates. But one of them is a dummy; there's no access to the motherboard to actually connect a 2nd drive. I'm thinking other G74 models would have two ports on the motherboard for 2 drives, so if I need to get a new one, I'ld like the flexibility to put one of those in

12-11-2014, 03:32 PM
One thing to do would be to check the Windows error logs. You may have to work quick before the screen blacks out, or you can copy them from the hdd to another PC. That can give you a clue perhaps. Personally, I suspect the vga card. Have you connected an external monitor? See if it blacks out too.

12-11-2014, 07:46 PM
the blackout was kind of a sporadic, sub-symptom. Freezing up to the point where hard shut-down is the only option is the main issue, and the screen stays nice & brite for that. What specific logs should I look for? And do you know where in the drive I should look (windows>user>????)


12-11-2014, 10:31 PM
From Windows 7, in start menu search box type "event viewer"
Then check the "Windows logs" and in there, especially regard the "application" and "system" folders. Double click on records marked as errors to view more detailed info. You can often google the errors too.