View Full Version : Omg someone please help me with g73jh crashing issues and mic not working

12-17-2014, 01:39 AM
i just bought a asus g73 jh from an IT friend of mine. ive delt with him for a long time and have always been very happy with his service however im having issues and he is out of town for the next week. im sure its something simple due to the fact that im new to the pc gaming world and im not used to all these features. So here are my issues.

My comp has crashed several times and my friend told me to check that all my amd drivers are up to date and as far as i can tell they are. the blue screen always says its a software issue so idk if im missing something. most of the time it happened when i was gaming but ive done all my updates and it hasnt done it for a while untill earlier today. also yesterday i shut down normally everything was fine then i went to get back on later and it went into startup repair for an hour.

also i can not figure out how to get my mic to work on this laptop for the life of me. my last laptop i was using my ps4 sony golds with a mic cord and it worked wonderfully. well this computer wont use them unless the cord is plugged into the mic jack and then i have no sounds through my headphones. my friends on TS say that i sound like im talking under water and ive tried everything i can research and think of to get the mic to work and it seems impossible. so at this point im fine with just using my built in laptop mic and again for the life of me i cant figure out how to get it to work at all. im so frustrated with all of this.

i love this comp otherwise it games incredibly and love the style. id really appreciate it if someone would take the time to help me.
i apologize for my ignorance with PCs ive always been a console guy and am very excited to be converting to the pc world.

M 5870 hd radeon is the card
and idk if the realtek hd audio manager has anything to do with my mic issues?