View Full Version : asus g751jy wireless card needs to be reset after sleep, and a few other sleep issues

12-17-2014, 06:43 AM
hello eveyone. before you ask im running windows 7 on this laptop. anyway this laptops wireless card works awesome and without issue most of the time. for some reason recently after i wake the computer up from sleep the little "bars" show that connections are avalable and when i try to connect to my network the little window pops up that asks to troubleshoot problems. i do trouble shoot it and every single time all that was required was for my internal wireless card to be reset and boom it connects right away.

i know that its not my router causing this issue because every other computer and device has no issue connecting and reconnecting.

Oddly enough i also have another issue after sleep if you have seen my previous posts. im also having an issue with my display brightness after a restart. for some reason i lose controal of the display brightness after i sleep or hibernate the computer. wether its sleep from the start menu, pushing the power button or closing the lid the issue persists. the only way to fix it is to fully restart the computer, i have tried many things to fix that from disabling and re enabling the display adapter (gtx980) or setting the screen to "do nothing" when closed. either way when i wake it up from sleep it stops working. i have also tried the atk pachage drivers for the g751 and the ones for the g750 windows 8, 7 etc.

and one more issue although this one isnt a huge deal right now. im having to use a synaptics driver because the asus/elantech drivers are terrible. cant use both buttons at the same time, glitchey mouse movement, and a really strange acceleration also that i dislike. so anyway the issue and it may be unsolvable unless we can find a better elantech driver. but the touchpad is recognised as a ps2 mouse. so none of synaptics gesture support works. i cant do the 2 finger scrolling which is very convienient. if anyone has ideas regarding this it would be awesome

So theres the issues ive had of late for other users i will post all the other issues ive had and fixed i will post here.

Issues ive had and fixed:

Sound- i was having an issue where the asus audio wizard would defult to small speakers and headphones even if you selected large previously. to fix this i installed the g750 windoes 8 sound driver and that fixed all issues i had with sound.

No wireless after installing 7- simple installed the wireless driver from the g751 driver support center.

Blue screen/no disk boot when trying to boot from windows 7 professionsl oem disk- in bios i de selected safe boot and alloud ufei booting and that fixed it.