View Full Version : g73jh-bst7 asus laptop

11-02-2011, 12:28 AM

New to these forums and was wondering if you guys and gals could help me decide if this SSD drive would be ok in my laptop.


I am pretty sure that i would be only to use this drive for sata 2/300 speeds with this motherboard. But I want to use it lator for sata 3/600 on another laptop in the future.

And i thought for the price, Its only 95 bucks.

Will i be able to use arconis true image hone 2012 to clone tto clone my factory drive drive to the SSD without problems?

Also, i read somewhere that your have to put the SSD drive in the left bay on this machine and change the boot order in the bios, Is that true?

Thank you for you answers in advance.

EDIT: I have this stock HHD (640gb 5,900rpm) (acording to crystaldisk info program) in there now and this will be my first SSD drive ever, So i am guessing that the improvement will be huge? Or if you guys know a better/faster hard for about 100 bucks or less just so i can try SSD technology for the first time.

EDIT: It says that it supports TRIM technology also (windows 7 does this already i heard, And windows xp you would need the software from intel?)

AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO CHASTITY@ASUS ON THIS FORUM FOR MAKING DRIVER UPDATES TO THIS MACHINE A BREEZE WITH THAT PAGE YOU MADE HERE. YOUR HARD WORK IS AWESOME. (i never had one single problem ever with this machine so i think i really got a lucky one) lol