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03-29-2010, 02:35 PM
Hi I was at Pax East and met you Brian and I wanted to iterate my thoughts here about what I thought of this ROG laptop. Overall its the best gaming laptop I had. And for the convience of BYOC its quite possibly the best scenario of build up and break down. I take it out of my bag and hit the power button and I'm basically ready to go. But being that this is supposed to be a desktop replacement I have very specific pet peeves.

- The keyboard.

The whole rig as a whole is built for power and performance in mind. But if its a gaming machine the inputs have to be awesome as well. A our hands and our phalanges have been trained to move and hit specific buttons for years. The small changes to the keyboard to make it "fit" better is aggravating as hell to get used to. I'm use to the 0 button on the number-pad to be flushed left and hitting it has been a muscle memory nightmare. As well as forcing the right control key to be non flushed right and directly under the enter key.

That my only rant about it. Other than that I love this machine to bits. Until something better comes along and this will be the old mistress that I ignore. I'm a greener pastures type of gamer. But I do have specific questions about what kind of large drive SSD can I put in there. I want 256 gb or bigger at least one drive* if not two. And maybe put a mechanic drive in it for regular data storage. (Who games without music?) Any one out there with some answers?

And for the love of Merch* please come back to Pax Prime in Seattle.

The Tall Asian dude that swears too much

ASUS OC_Support
07-20-2010, 10:33 PM
Hi clynlyn,

Thank you for the feedback regarding the G73. Your input regarding the keyboard will be taken into consideration as we always strive to offer the best products and to continually improve our current designs.

Regarding upgrading the HDD, you can replace the 2 500GB HDD's with SSD's if you would llike, or you can replace one of the 500GB HDD's with an SSD and use the other HDD for data storage.

-ASUS Support Team

02-15-2012, 12:07 PM
As she stated, you can add a SSD, BUT your recovery software won't allow you to install it on the SSD.