View Full Version : REalbench v2,41 Image Editing Low Score

12-19-2014, 11:30 PM
Image Editting low score help ?

12-19-2014, 11:37 PM
my old 4790k result and image editting score

image editing socre (4790k): 125133
image editing score (5820k): 76289

what's differents ?


12-20-2014, 10:14 AM
Without overclocking there is quite a difference in clock speeds.
Since the image editing bench uses single threaded GIMP effects the 4790k with its max. turbo of 4,4Ghz is faster than the 3.6GHz of the 5820k even though it's 4 cores vs. 6.

EDIT: Looking at the FSB speed it seems to be overclocked already, can you verify clock speeds when the bench is running? The difference even at 3.6 vs. 4.4 should not be that great in image editing.

12-20-2014, 04:51 PM
what can l do ? overclock ?

12-21-2014, 09:11 AM
Yea actually I thought it was already overclocked seeing the base clock at 127MHz. There are plenty of overclocking guides out there for Haswell-E CPUs, even one on ROG: http://rog.asus.com/365052014/overclocking/rog-overclocking-guide-core-for-5960x-5930k-5820k/
Afaik it's better to overclock via multiplier and leave the base clock at 100MHz for those chips...