View Full Version : G750JM won't post, blank screen, loud fans, dvd drive makes noises

12-20-2014, 01:50 AM
I bought the notebook about 6 months ago and worked fine until today when i plugged it into my TV via HDMI and changed the windows text size so i could read it. I hit apply and it glitched out so i tried rebooting but now neither the TV, desktop monitor, or built in screen will turn on.

Along with the screen not working the fans sound like they are going full speed but the air they are blowing is cold. When you turn it on the DVD drive sounds like it is attempting to read a DVD a bunch of times then after a minute it stops. The power light and numlock are solid on when you turn it on and the WiFi and HDD lights both blink on and off WiFi first then HDD. I have added an SSD to it for an OS drive which had been working for months with no problems. Only thing i can think is the GPU must have fried.

I have tried holding the power button for 60 seconds without a battery or AC plugged in and it didn't do anything. Tried hitting F2 to get to bios but the screen never turns on. Is there a code for the indicator lights or maybe the DVD drive? Without any screen output I don't know what else i could do. RMA seems like the only option left :/