View Full Version : G73JW Battery Blinking icon

12-24-2014, 03:52 AM
I have a G73JW. The battery icon blinks orange to green to orange constantly weather it is hooked up to charge or if it is running on battery. Any thoughts to what is going on.

12-24-2014, 07:47 AM
The battery it probably about to fail or is failing. How long does it last on battery?

12-26-2014, 03:21 AM
It is a new 2 month old battery. It lasts for a good hour

12-26-2014, 09:41 PM
Aftermarket batteries sometimes don't synchronize with the notebook charge circuitry. I put a new battery on my G73SW and had that happen too. I had to remove battery and reboot and run from power cord. Then I had to shut down, reconnect battery to run on battery, reboot, and let it run down, (no power cord for charging) Then when it was down to about 25%, I turned off, plugged in power cord and rebooted notebook. Then keep it running until the battery is all charged up again. Then, afterwards NEVER leave the charger plugged in and running if the notebook is off. I have not had any more trouble since. ;)

Everything keeps working fine as long as you don't leave notebook charging while it is off, at least not for long.