View Full Version : record key

12-24-2014, 07:23 PM
Is there any way to deactivate the record key or better yet, change its function to be "esc". I don't need the record but hit the escape key about a thousand times a day. I guess I should say I hit the record key (CRAP) then x out and look for the esc a thousand times a day! :mad:

12-25-2014, 04:30 AM
Just remove it from the app center .. Can't remember the exact name of it tho.

I'm not having any trouble finding my esc key.. I think it's just a matter of getting use toit.

12-25-2014, 11:36 PM
How do you get to the app central? I use this computer for running a graphic program called Revit and you need to hit the escape key twice after each command. after 8 years of hitting the upper-left key a thousand times I day my muscle memory is not easily changed!