View Full Version : need help... g55 screen goes 2/3 blank..

12-24-2014, 09:17 PM
hi there,

so i had asus g55 notebook which i bought 2 years ago n the warranty already expired... back to my problem, my notebook run just fine before this but after i watched movie and i didnt turn it off for couples hour then suddenly it turn to bright colour.. then after i rebooted it just gone blank but only 2/3 of it... i still managed to look at the 1/3... and the blank screen actually still working because when i scroll my mouse to the top side(blank side) then i click randomly, suddenly some folder appear n i remember that i put the folder exactly on the top of the screen.. until now it still like that... i just want to get your opinion first before i send it to repair shop(they maybe gonna rip me off) .. maybe some of you know or happen to encounter this problem along with solutions.. thanks in advance...