View Full Version : Black screen + Freezing other screen

12-27-2014, 10:51 PM
Yesterday bought a PG278Q screen. First of all it came with no Mini Display cable so i bought an adapter (that didnt work after some googling)
Then today i bought a new cable minidisplay - displayport cable.. I connected the cable when i was in windows and suddenly my 2nd screen started acting very strange, 3-4 cm in the bottom of the screen looked like when you overclock something to high and you get lines and pixels all over.. So i tried restart the computer and it was gone.. when i got into windows i activated the screen and it worked.

I went away a few hours and when i came back to game some i noticed that the computer started to lagg a bit.. i had 20 fps in world of warcraft.. so i decided to reboot computer.
After i rebooted the screen is completly black.. both of my screens that is..

So now i have been testing like a milion things.. like when i try to connect the screen when windows is started it completly freezes the other screen and turns that screen black too.
Or just having PG278Q connected with the other screen disconnected.. then i wont get any picture at all.. Not in bios or not when windows loaded.
Having both screens connected and starting computer fresh disconnects my usb devices and it says that "no keyboard connected" "press f1 to setup"

Anyone know what it could be wrong with it?

Computer setup:

GFX: Asus GTX690
Mobo: Asus Rampage VI Formula
Cpu: Intel i7 3930k
Ram: 16gig 2400mhz

Its updated with latest drivers (thats not the problem since i cant even get picture in bios or in boot)
just updated motherboard with latest bios

SOLUTION!!: For ppl who experience the same issues it seems to be the cable that is the issue.
It could be that there is 1.1 cables and 1.2 cables but it does not show on the package.
I tried the screen in my girlfriends computer who have a normal displayport and not a mini and the screen works perfect.. So i went out to buy yet ANOTHER different cable and now the screen works perfect... so it took 3 different cables to get it working.