View Full Version : G751JY Trackpad 'Dead Spot' Problems

12-28-2014, 07:46 PM
Hello i just bought a new G751JY laptop. I noticed there are three spots on the trackpad where if you start and stay in about a 2cm area it doesnt recognize the touch. If you start outside the area and go into it, it still recognizes the touch, and if you move out of the area its fine. The three spots are near the top left, top right and bottom left corners. Just wondering if this is a hardware issue or somehow part of the software.

12-30-2014, 11:40 AM
Don't worry. I have those dead spots too. I think the corners we're made this way to avoid mistakes while you are writing. It's just an opinion. We do have the rest of the touchpad which is working so this shouldn't be a real problem.