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12-28-2014, 09:16 PM
Hi all, I'm a avid fan of the ASUS gaming laptops, and I have just finished reconstructing my G60VX laptop from spare parts I got off of ebay.

So the scoop is that I want to know what is possible with this thing, and I from reading quite a few threads, there is a strange difference between the Best Buy version of this laptop versus one that is bought elsewhere, namely CPU compatibility. I keep reading that Best Buy's version of the G60VX cannot support quad core, but others can. Has anyone been able to dig up actual evidence that this is true? And on that note, anyone able to directly identify their laptop as a best buy version or vice versa? The thing is that I have an old one that I bought from best buy years ago, it specifically stated on the label under the bar code on the back that it was a G60VX-RBBX05, so no question on what it is. The one that I have repaired came from EBay, and it doesn't have the same bar code on the back, doesn't list the RBBX05 anywhere no a serial number, and who knows if the guy used a spare motherboard or not.

I've used CPUID to get the basic info here is the information:


So I'm wondering, has anyone able to verify their motherboard as not the Best Buy version or not, whether this rumor of being able to support quad core cpu is true, and what is the maximum RAM supported because I think 8GB but I've heard different? Just asking as if I was a hobbyist that loves my blue shiny g60vx and would like to get it cooking away.

01-12-2015, 04:22 AM
Well for anyone interested, since there was no real way to determine if this laptop was able to support the quad core processor till I have the money to just try it and see if it works, I have gone with what I know is possible from others experience as far as the upgrade goes.

What I upgraded:
-- RAM to 8GB DDR2
-- CPU to Intel Dual Core Extreme X9100 3.06 GHZ

Just the above made it run better as far as loading and processing info. I did the heat mod, and that helped a lot with the cooling. The only problem is that the X9100 CPU demands a lot of wattage, so as expected it caused greater heating issues, though not as I expected. Instead of the CPU heating up a lot which it actually is cooler than the previous on was, the GPU had trouble. I suspect somehow the extra juice and heat is getting transferred to the GPU chip somehow, and that's why it has problems. So I invested in a cooling pad and it seems to keep the temps within acceptable ranges, but without it, it is impossible to play anything that is graphic intensive because the GPU overheats and the screen goes crazy!

Another thing that I found, because some people have been trying to control the fan, NoteBook Fan Control,


it has been great for controlling the fan in this laptop, any of the ASUS profiles in this software work, and I can turn the fan to 100% constant when I am playing and then set it to a constant 37.5% or so when I am just doing normal stuff, because I hate how this laptop allows the GPU to get to 80 degrees C before it kicks the fan on for a few seconds, and then lets it heat up again. Very annoying, now it stays between 40-50 degrees C when I am doing normal stuff at 37.5% fan speed.