View Full Version : Where is Intel 4600 HD display ?

12-30-2014, 09:58 PM
I thought we will have 2 display adapters in the Device manager, but there is only Nvidia.

Doesn't I7 4710 HQ has 4600 HD Intel GPU ?

Asus G751JY

12-30-2014, 10:51 PM
I believe asus disables the integrated chip but i could be wrong about that

12-30-2014, 11:39 PM
The G751 has no optimus technology, so no 4600HD display option. I heard optimus was a faulty and annoying feature, never had any machines with it, but that is what I heard. Also the 900 series are very power conservative cards for their performance, that's why they scale a lot better than the previous series compared to their desktop counterparts (less consumption = more power in a smaller place).

Prostar Computer
12-31-2014, 10:28 PM
The G751 has no optimus technology, so no 4600HD display option.
Despite his green rage, Hulk is right. The G750 models listed both because that series implemented Optimus at the time. The G751 lineup does not tout Optimus. :)

01-01-2015, 03:41 PM
Where is HD4600? Not in G751! "yeah" and here is why is that a good thing:

What I have learned about Optimus and ASUS´s and MSI´s adaptation.
Optimus is great if you want your last an hour more on battery. Optimus is also very good at having $2500 laptop performing like $400 machine in every app except games.

Optimus sets intel VGA as primary display output and windows uses it as a default and only renderer. So my ZwCad, Maya, 3Dsmax and Photoshop performs like crap because they run windowed in windows. Bud that doesnt stop there. Intel HD4600 is just barely fast enough to play 60fps full HD(good bye youtube) or 30FPS 4k so if you have, lest say 4k LCD at work and a 144Hz LCD at home you get master ****ed by hiccups laggs and stuttering in games. Also working on the go is no option. Disabling intel integration could be done only on unlocked bios and causes no output image on optimus machines. The integrated VGA also bakes like hell causing CPU to heat and thermathrottle even in games accelerated by discreete graphics as it can just barely handle the datastream of 144HZ FHD.

Optimuses I encountered with.
1st - and best is no Optimus as Apple for example never implemented it.
2nd - Some machines have optimus in its "vannila" state i guess as it operates automaticly and discreete graphics is only for full screen aplications G750JZ also MSI GT70-2oc. Its very limited software controlled from windows. intel VGA is primary display output and it cant be disabled.
3rd - Its some kind of hybrid implemetation as MSI GT72 Dominator Pro has, it lets you use intel or discreet GPU. And it requires a reboot to switch between them.

01-03-2015, 03:50 AM
Actually... Apple does implement Optimus on their Macbook Pro and Macbook Air series. You just don't see it. There's actually several apps out there that you can install on Mac to switch back and forth between the integrated display and dedicated card, or to simply show you the status. I ran into a issue in some early Chromium / Chrome builds for OSX, which has GPU acceleration. It would start in Intigrated mode, but when a webpage with some HTML5 or Flash things would load, the OS would switch to dedicated, and then Chrome would freak out because the GPU it was using disappeared. This is all of course fixed now.. but its how I found out.

Also.. Optimus is great, but it can be a beat until you tame it. There are issues with some apps like Photoshop and such using dedicated. You can cover in nVidia Control Pannel set up profiles so that when the system sees that particular process / .exe running, it forced it to use the dedicated card. This was needed for CAD software at my place of work on some systems, where it would launch using intigrated, then once you actualled opened a CAD software, and 3D acceloration was kicked in, the system would try to swtich to dedicated.. but the CAD software would freak because it sees the Intel integrated graphics card disappear essentially. Setting a profile so it would use dedicated graphics as soon as it launched the CAD software fixed it.

I was actually disapointed the G751-YJ I got doesn't have Optimus. Believe it or not I do use this laptop for work, in both meetings and for network troubleshooting and setup. I noticed it has a general use battery for 2.5-3 hours. I had a laptop with a 4702 with optimus before htis, and could get 4-6 hours on battery in general use with Optimus. So it does help. Not having to lug around the 230watt monster power pack is a big thing for me.

01-03-2015, 06:05 AM
Apple uses IRIS their own implementation. And yes you cant see it because it works unlike optimus. Google it.

nvidia pannel has very limitted funconality on optimus machines.
There are number of topics on it. On optimus machines Windows enviroment is always rendered only usig Intel integrated GPU. Thats why it suxs.