View Full Version : Does the G750jm sound card support surround sound.

01-01-2015, 03:29 AM
Had my laptop for a while but never really thought to ask this. But does it support surround sound?

I use the astro A40 headset with the mixamp. Which has a little button on it to make it surround sound. But today I noticed a cracking sound in my headset. I looked up the issue and people suggested changing the batteries in the amp. So I did, but still occasionally get the cracking sound.

So I decided to plug the headset directly into the laptop, and I get no cracking sound. But the audio is terrible compared to using the mixamp.

I did update my drivers from 332.60 to 344.75 (see my previous posts for my issues on drivers) today. Only noticed the cracking after I updated. Might have been happening before, I just don't remember.

And I cannot go back to the old drivers because Dragon Age Inquisition wont play on the old one.