View Full Version : Asus G750js Graphic card upgrade?

01-01-2015, 04:39 PM
im about to purchase the asus g750 js with the 870m graphics card. now ive got a question considering the future which is will i be able to upgrade this graphic cards to a 970m or newer version? ive already read that the 880 m and 980m are thicker and require quite a significant amount more energy so its not really recommended to upgrade it but what about newer versions of the graphics card that is already used in the g750js?

01-01-2015, 06:08 PM
As asus builds custom cards for their laptops, the best chance you have is to find a GPU from a different computer in the same series (e.g. another g750) However it looks like the g750 series is now discontinued in favor of the new G751 laptops and I am not sure if the GPUs in those can be used in a JS. Even if they were compatible, finding a usable 970m would be difficult and expensive.

Asus takes a different approach to gaming laptop design than alienware, sager, etc. They prebuild computers and sell them as a unit. Other manufacturers custom build units for each user allowing for easier upgrades. Even among those, upgrading major mobile components such as the CPU and GPU is uncommon and expensive.

The short answer is most likely that you cannot upgrade.