View Full Version : Do laptop cooling pads actually work and should I get one for my G75?

01-02-2015, 11:04 AM
I checked my computers temperatures and they seem to be kind of high.

I was browsing for a cooling pad such as this one (http://www.amazon.ca/Cooler-NotePal-Ultra-Slim-Cooling-R9-NBC-XSLI-GP/dp/B005C31HC0/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1420196098&sr=1-1&keywords=cooling+pad+laptop) but I'm not sure if it would make much of a difference. Would it be worth to invest in this or would it not make a difference?

Dr. Zchivago
01-02-2015, 11:10 AM
For any laptop, a cooling pad is never a bad idea. There are folks who say that it is unnecessary for the G series laptops, but I used an active pad for my G55vw and I saw a reduction in average operating temperature close to 10 degrees.

Necessary or not, it certainly made it more comfortable to use, elevated and angled.