View Full Version : G73SW-TZ264V: a bit confused about GPU Tweak versions for graphic cards & laptops

01-02-2015, 01:38 PM

I'm owning a G73SW-TZ264V and wanna try to overclock the GPU.

Can you tell me please, which version is now the right one to do this the right way? The one for graphic cards, or the one for laptops? "For laptops" says it all?

And what settings do it at best for you? I know, chips are not even equal.

Before, I was using the MSI Afterburner and it worked fine for me. I used a GPU Clock of 800MHz and it was most the time very stable. Sometimes I had to power off the machine after playing for a while and switching between the clock speeds. Otherwise the Nvidia drivers distorted the picture. Even I did a warm reboot. But it was a better playing experience.

Thanks in advance! And sorry, for my broken english! ;)