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01-04-2015, 12:36 AM
Hi to all I'm new here in the forums and a proud first time owner of an Rog...

I will be fast I have spent 2 3 days on the stickers trying to find 2 answers but I bump in to not clear conclusions so I'm opening a new tread for my specific build ..

I'm currently on the 12GB of ram (looks like I'm 3x4) and I want to upgrade,

First option just to buy another module 4gb the same brand and have a total of 16gb in my system cheap orion 35$

Second and most complicated option is to remove the one module and put a new 2x8=16 so I get a total of 24 ram cost 130$

conclusion give me your opinion if it worth the second option or not.

final question.....if we leave the 2 originals modules and add 2 new I know that the new ram will defiantly have different setting time legacy ect will
that have any problem I need stability ? (Sorry for my English )

Now here I do have an idea I have buyer this model that had good reviews

First is in order to use the migration tool of Samsung I have to recover windows to original setting and then clone it ? If you have a YouTube link on how . I like clean instalation ect I want everything smooth I want any suggestions for a clean clone ! (I Want to make it boot drive)

I want to say sorry for the new thread I hope we can answer this questions for current setting and updates so we have the latest news.

If any suggestions for my laptop setting drivers ect all welcomed !!!!

welcome family rog :cool:

01-04-2015, 09:40 AM
First question is why do you need more than 12GB RAM?
With oracle, 2 cad programs (3D models), many tabs in a browser and a large excel spreadsheet I can just make 9GB.
Running any game I have never seen more than 5GB used.

You could save your money and invest it in the Samsung 512GB SSD.

EITHER: you can clone your drive from your current hard drive (what is it?) which will be fine.
Resetting windows will not be a clean install as you will inherit some Asus bloat.

OR: for a clean install you will need an SL (single language) version of the windows you have now (8,8.1, basic or Pro)
Then it will be an easy install s your built in windows key will be used automatically for activation.
Any drivers not found by windows will be on the Asus website.