View Full Version : Need help ASAP

01-04-2015, 01:34 AM
Hi. I have recently purchased the Asus g751jm laptop, and I've run into a bad issue. Every time i unplug the power adapter from the laptop and go to plug it back in it will not work unless i unplug the adapter from the wall itself and then retry the process... I'm horribly displeased to have something like this go wrong with such an expensive laptop.. this is the third laptop I've went through in a month that i have gotten the "lemon" issue.. i had purchased 2 HP Envy's and first one the hard drive was dead on arrival and the second one had the track pad die within a week. I figured well HP must have bad quality for two lemons on 1600 dollar laptops so i decided to try asus and once again i have an issue within a week... anyhow i'm hoping for someone to shine some light on this situation. If it is a faulty power adapter i am probably just going to stop trying to get a gaming laptop and build a desktop... (far less issues in my experience) Thanks in advance. - Thomas