View Full Version : RAIDR EXP in RVE with 970's SLI.

01-04-2015, 10:23 AM
Hi guys,

my name is Viktor, I'm writing from Italy and this is my first post, here, on ROG's forum.

I'm building my new Rig and I have a doubt about positioning the RAIDR without compromise 16x/16x SLI of 970's.

The PCI-E gen 2.0 are out 'cause spaced sli's, so... if I put the RAIDR in the lower 8x PCI-E he will downgrade my 970's sli?

And.... if not, he will be closer to the lower 970. I have the reference OcUK by Caseking. Do you guys think that the RAIDR heat will be a problem. Oh, and under the RAIDR there will be the PSU....

I donnow... i can't see a future for my "long wanted" RAIDR.... :(


07-02-2015, 12:57 PM
did you figure it out? I have Rampage IV Black Edition and 2x980Ti and I have same doubts with my RAIDR.