View Full Version : Any flat Li Polymer external batteries that handle 120w+? For G50VT

01-05-2015, 05:57 AM
I have an Asus G50VT-x6 with orange trim and an X9100, upgraded to a Forceon DFS541305MH0T F8U5 fan, SSD. Wish Asus still made them like this instead of the new ones where the screen can hardly tilt past 90'.
But anyway (sorry)
Asus stopped making the genuine A32-M50 6 cell and A33-M50 9 cell batteries for this and other laptops. So, I can buy used genuine batteries, which I've had good and bad luck with. Tophatphones on Ebay sent me one with about 65Wh out of 79Wh original for $10 shipped. They still have more but you may not get as lucky with the condition of the battery. Another seller gave me ones with dead cells.

Also there are aftermarket batteries but the 1 I got (ATC/bayvalleyparts) would cut out even at a full charge if power consumption exceeded 60w or so, even with a full charge. Maybe others don't have this flaw, not sure. The voltage via hwinfo32 was fine. Anybody have good luck with aftermarket batteries while gaming (high power consumption)?

So I think for now I'll stock up on used 9 cell batteries after testing them and store them partially charged.

But before coming to that conclusion, I tried to find external battery packs, the flat Lithium Polymer ones that would work with a gaming laptop. All the ones I came across topped out at 90 watts compatible, not 120 watts that my Asus can draw, much less the 180w a G750 can!
Anybody know of any that can handle that wattage and 200wh or more?


02-14-2016, 12:16 AM
Bump. Genuine batteries I can't find on Ebay anymore.
Any external battery packs for laptops that can handle 120w power draw?