View Full Version : Why do I keep receiving defective laptops?

01-06-2015, 07:45 AM
I ordered the G750JM from amazon last year on black friday. It came with a broken CD player button (nothing happens when you press it), so I ordered a replacement. The replacement arrived and then I found out it had a broken hinge that causes the lid to slam down. Again, I sent it back and ordered another replacement, hoping that maybe this time I wouldn't get one with a defect. Instead, this 3rd laptop has very blurry and grainy text.... the screen sometimes becomes PINK and displays things like a white webpage background as pink... and sometimes there are these big square pixels and the screen flickers. The drivers are all up to date. Restarting makes it go away for a minute or so and then the problems return.

Why are there so many defective ones?? I'm ordering them brand new from Amazon and I get it if the first one has a problem, but all of three of them? It might not seem like that many but it is getting old to unpack, find out there's a defect, repack, and reship a 17 inch laptop this many times. Is this a problem with ASUS or Amazon or what?? :/

01-06-2015, 07:27 PM
This is exactly what I was ranting about the other day, I would not fault Amazon here they are doing their best to hold up their end of the deal.

The problem is that Amazon can only send you what they receive from ASUS. So the fault is clearly ASUS's lack of quality control.
These units should have never left the factory to begin with. Got mine from Amazon as well, same problem.

From now on I will only buy from Brick and Mortar stores. I'll have them demo the laptop making sure everything works, that way I'll leave the store with a good one.

This is not just ASUS ,the problem seems to be at the factories building these things. Product just get's shoveled out the door with a "good enough" attitude.

"Rock Solid .Heart Touching" translation : Bricked Solid. Heart Breaking

Edit: The sad part is, I'll probably buy another one, the ASUS G750 has the best case design out there and I just don"t like the alternatives.