View Full Version : ASUS G75VW: Black Screen During Boot

01-07-2015, 05:48 PM
Hello everyone. I am having some issues with my 2 year old ASUS G75VW. I recently performed a Windows Update and now my computer will not allow me to boot up my OS. It flashes the ROG logo, then nothing/blackness. I can access my BIOS.

Some of the things I've tried include:

I've tried booting from my recovery disk, as well as a Windows install disk.
I've tried holding down F8 to get into safe mode.
I've tried every combination of holding down the power key.
I've tried accessing every bootable option via holding down the ESC key.
I've tried removing hardware, i.e. RAM, HDD.

All of these attempts were unsuccessful in fixing my issue.

I also tried to reflash my BIOS using the EZ Flash tool, but when I activate the program from inside the BIOS, it takes me to a black screen

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anyone know how to fix this?