View Full Version : Charger program within AI 3 not installing correctly. Twice!

01-08-2015, 06:42 PM
I've built two identical systems using the VII Hero motherboard and on this 2nd build, the install of AI 3 has a faulty Charge program.

I'm uploading two image files -- the first from the 2nd computer with faulty CHARGER program. The illustration is of the USB ports and there are no buttons to click in this area, but the button icons with descriptions are shown to the right of the image area. When I select "Other" in the area beneath, and click "Apply", nothing happens. When I click the Refresh button, it cycles a couple of times, but nothing is achieved.

The buttons don't exist in the 2nd computer build. I do not have the buttons that you can see in the 2nd image (below the 1st image), from the working software of my first computer build.

The correct buttons and image of "Asus, Kindle, Apple, Others" does not exist in my problem software.

I've uninstalled this program (Charger), rebooted, then reinstalled from the Asus AI 3 Setup file, and selected "Charger" to install again, and keep getting the same bad install, it seems to me.

Thanks to any users on here who can help me.

P.S. Top image from faulty progam (2nd build). Bottom image from good program (1st build).

01-08-2015, 06:51 PM
For the record, the ErP Ready is disabled in BIOS (UEFI) on both systems.