View Full Version : Having Many Issues With My Bran-New ROG G771JM

01-11-2015, 05:34 AM
Hello all,
I'm putting up this post to try to get support for my ROG G771JM. I'm posting here because I got awful help from ASUS's customer service department, so I decided to post here and see if the ROG community would be willing to help.
I'll start with from when I first got my computer, which was a few weeks ago. On the first few days it worked 100% great. However, issues started to happen when I tried hooking up my laptop to my Apple Thunderbolt display (which was one of the reasons I bough an ASUS product, so I could use my Thunderbolt display). When I first hooked it up, it was all good. Then, after a few minutes the screen went blank and it was reverted back to my laptop's screen. I tried taking the wire out of the computer and then putting in back in, which worked. But then, when I opened a game (Guild Wars 2), the game and computer crashed. After the crash, when I was finally able to get back to my desktop, I opened Task Manager to make sure everything was ok, and it wasn't. The disk percentage was at 100%. It stayed that way for a long time and then went down, and then went up. So it pretty much just randomly fluctuates. Whenever I try to use my Thunderbolt display with my laptop, It either goes black screen or crashes. So now I'm stuck with fluctuating disk percentage at random times and not able to use my Thunderbolt display. However, I'm more worried about the disk than the Thunderbolt Display right now. I'm even thinking about returning my laptop, because I've had such a crap experience with it. (Which is sad because this was a well reviewed computer and it cost ALOT of money. I paid that much to have a premium, optimal experience, not a crappy one.)

01-11-2015, 06:16 PM
I would not put up with crappy laptop , return it ASAP , that's what I would do