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01-11-2015, 01:17 PM
Hello everybody! ;]

I just bought a new PC unit yesterday which is ASUS K30BF NR002S and it has windows 8.1 pre-installed. I would like to have windows 7 (yes, I have .ISO file of the installer) but I cannot install it, even if in BIOS I set the priority to the bootable USB-device with that installer. What whould I do?

Thank you!

P.s.: the author of the advice which will help me will be rewarded ;]

01-11-2015, 01:52 PM
Boot from the windows 7 cd after you back up your own data. go into advance mode on window 7 cd and delete all the partions on the hard drive. this will remove windows 8x from your hard drive. then run the windows 7 installer. if windows 7 cd install right you be fine if you get a duel boot message you may have to use diskpart tools to delete the mbr and to start the install again.

01-11-2015, 02:32 PM
Here is some more info on downgrading, this is a copy of an earlier post on the subject............. #1
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Clean Windows 7 on Asus G75VX (Win8 pre-installed)


I had been lurking around here trying to figure out either a good way to move my Windows 8 (core-oem) installation to my new SSD or install Windows 7. No post that i found had an easy route to follow so i thought i write down a quick "guide".

Backstory: I was originally trying to re-install my Windows 8 to the new ssd.. Did not work, even Asus support said the Windows 8 "embedded" into the bios could not recognize the SSD as a suitable drive since it only worked on original hardware. I then asked, what if the harddrive went haywire and did not work anymore ?
They told me to get support from Microsoft as they could not do anything about this matter.

So back to scrapping Windows 8 and doing a fresh-o-so-clean Windows 7 installation on the SSD.
Before you start throwing rocks at me about drivers and such, i got everything to work. Even WIFI (thanks to *will edit for link*).

Nearly every driver on the support disc can be installed on Windows 7, expect for chipset and Wifi (chipset i got off newest G75VM Windows 7 driver download page).

Use an external drive, flash drive or just dvds to transfer every picture, game file or whatevz. to.

Installation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMlsfk10PUA).

Enter bios, rapidly spam your F2 key when the computer turns on.

- Switch to "Boot" and set “Launch CSM” to Enabled.
- Switch to "Security" and set "Secure Boot Control" to Disabled.
- Press F10 to save and exit.

(quoted Rewben)

Now, only have the SSD harddrive inside the computer where the HDD was before.
Put everything back together.
Load the dvd drive with a "legally" owned copy of Windows7 Ultimate.

And install.

Now, after this is done. Windows 7 will not find any drivers. So pop in your Asus support dvd.
Install the ethernet card.

If you dont have a ethernet option, figure something out.

Launch Windows Update, and update everything!

Now the system will find all the hardware.

Install all the drivers.

Chipset, audio blablabla.

And finally wifi drivers HERE
Thanks @rledge21 for providing wifi driver.

Over and out.