View Full Version : Question; Heat & Maintenance (G75VW GPU)

01-14-2015, 12:56 PM
Greetings RoG'ers!

I've got a curious inquiry regarding the G75VW. Recently, I had an incident in which a game overheated the GPU to the point where the notebook shut itself off, at around the 90 Celsius mark. I'm quite content with the failsafe, but after this I began to follow my GPU's temperature closely.

I've noticed that the temperatures are idling reasonably at 40-50, though very slow to descend to that point if having recently played any intensive games. Whilst playing Men of War: Assault Squad 2, the temperature usually climbs as high as 80-85 degrees Celsius and has a decent chance of reaching 90 if the lid is closed, and the laptop isn't slightly elevated to allow more airflow.

Please note that I have cleaned the fans with compressed air, and ensured no dust build-up prevents the airflow or the fans from working efficiently.

So, I need to ask the community who's doubtlessly more enlightened than I, if this is likely an issue with the thermal paste? Are there other reasons, besides dust and the paste, that could be the cause of the heat? The climate of my room is more than reasonable, and I've got no other sources of heat near the notebook. It's elevated and the vents aren't being blocked by anything. I'd love for this notebook to last me more than the 1.5 years it has so far, as it was a quite expensive investment for my gaming needs!