View Full Version : Can't boot from mechanical harddrive G551JM

01-14-2015, 03:44 PM
Hello my name is Daniel I have an Asus G551JM.
When first I got my computer it was bloated with freeware and other **** so I deleted every drive to reinstall my windows 8.
I did this without thinking so I also deleted the OEM windows 8 drive from asus, so basically I can't do a factory reset.
But my problem is concerning the boot, because I have an SSD who have 24 gig store space and windows 8 wont fit on it with programs.
So I decided to install my windows 8 on my mechanical harddrive so far so good, but when I restarted my computer to launch windows 8 it couldn't my find mechanical harddrive.
If I go into BIOS under SATA configuration I can clearly see my HD on SATA port 4, which is kinda confusing to me. Because BIOS can find it but can't boot from it?
Asus Sweden basically couldn't help me and said that you need to buy a recovery CD.

So my question to you guys is can I change something BIOS legacy or something? Or is there a ASUS bootmanager who I need to install on my SSD drive to make it recognize that my os is on the mechanical harddrive?

Every tip that you got could be useful so please don't hesitate kinda desperate at this point so I will try almost everything.