View Full Version : GPU Tweak lagging

01-19-2015, 03:00 PM
Hello, I have been having a problem with GPU Tweak and AI Suite 3 for a 2months now and its that first AI Suite 3 stopped showing my GPU temperatures and after that I realized that my GPU Tweak isnt working at all... so now week a go I removed GPU Tweak and installed the one from Asus support site and it worked, well almost it shows temperatures etc. but I cant use sliders to tune fans etc because there isnt sliders. So I wanted to ask from here that does anyone know what can possibly be wrong with it? Could it be drivers from Nvidia or what? Graphics card is ROG GTX 780 Poseidon.

heres a pic
http://i1060.photobucket.com/albums/t458/Jesse_Salonen/sekosi_zpse9a01d51.png (http://s1060.photobucket.com/user/Jesse_Salonen/media/sekosi_zpse9a01d51.png.html)