View Full Version : Best utilization of my SATA ports? Recommendations?

01-20-2015, 08:13 AM
Greetings ROGonians.

Straight to the point. I have a G751JM that only has two SATA ports. Bay 1 with a SATAIII connection and the other bay, with what I'm told is an anachronous SATAII. Before you ask, I have no M.2 ports... at all. That's part of the perks buying entry-level.

I have 8.1 on the stock Samsung 5400 1TB spinner, running at 6Gb/s in bay 1. Bay 2 is empty.

My intended goal (in the coming weeks,) is to double boot Windows 7 and 8.1 (I was and may still triple boot to Linux but that's a bit ambitious right now given how much searching I will need to do to find proper drivers for everything, but I digress.) IT is my intention to utilize Windows 7 solely for the purpose of Adobe Photoshop and Elements, as well as any other Adobe program within the suites I may find wanting. I will continue to use my buggy, crashy 8.1 for all other uses. I feel (but I could be mistaken,) there is more support for the G751 with 8.1 which is the only reason I would keep it. Once again I digress.

SO, here's my question(s):
What is the best way to utilize both drive bays double booting to 7 and 8.1 AND, in what configuration/types of drives would you recommend for bay 1 with 6Gb/s and bay 2 with 3Gb/s?

8.1 on an SSD in bay one, 7 on the HDD in bay two...?
Piggy back 8.1 and 7 on SSD in bay 1, HDD in bay two for storage...?
Two SSD's even though bay 2 is 3Gb/s...?
Exterior drives for storage...?
Chuck the whole box in the river and ban me for my stupidity...?

I only found out a couple of days ago I am missing an M.2 port which is quite a killer for me. I have one less port than most to access my OS, programs, files, etc, in a timely manner. I have 4 days starting now to decide whether I return my G751 for a full refund and upgrade at a much, much later date, or keep my box and work with what I have. FWIW, I love my current G751, and if not for this port issue I would have no qualms about keeping it. IF I could have a G751 with an M.2 port AND a glossy touchscreen (I don't care about the touchscreen it's the gloss I'm after,) then there would be no question. As it is no such G751 exists, not even at HIDevolution.

Super amazing happy long time TIA. :p