View Full Version : Please HELP, My G751JY stopped working.

01-23-2015, 09:10 PM
Hi every one.
I got my g751jy 2 month ago, has been run very well, no questions at all until yesterday evening.
Just been looking through news pages (bbc, skynews, foxnews etc) and suddenly both funs started to run in full speed for 15-20 seconds and computer shut itself down like a battery has been pulled out. Battery has been charged and shown about 85-90% before it happened. Any attempts to start computer had no luck. When I pressed start button the little white lights come up all in one (hard drive, flight mode, battery etc) for 1-2 seconds then squishy noise come from the speakers (maybe motherboard) for about 5 second and off again. I plugged power supply into and buttery light come up in red and started flashing. Power buttons not respond at all. Pull out power supply same again lights flashed and noise come up and then off completely. The monitor all the time is off blank.
Today back from work, tried again. Pressed the power button no respond at all. Pushed power supply red battery light started flashing, pressed start button no any sound at all only quick white lights flash on panel (battery, hdd, flight mode) and NOTHING MORE!
Cannot pull battery out to try to reset because its build in and as well it will void warranty.
To me its some hardware fault but what exactly and what caused it Im not sure.
Is anyone got any idea or had same problem in the past? Please let me/us know.
Thank you.

01-23-2015, 09:29 PM
My best taught would be to call the warranty service and let them handle it. But you could try something, even though I don't know if it will work.
Plug in the power adapter, and press&hold on the laptop power button for 5-10 secs until your battery led shuts off and starts again. This will reset your PowerManagement system. Maybe it's something wrong with it. It's worth a shot, giving that it only takes about 20 secs for the whole process :)).

If this doesn't work, I strongly recommend going with the laptop at the warranty service. Keep us updated with everything your are doing . I sure want to know how this ends . I wish you all the luck in repairing your laptop!

01-23-2015, 11:18 PM
Thank you for reply.
I have tried all different button combination and timing but no luck at all. The same - dead!
On monday i will contact to tech support and will find out what the thought, im already sent the same post to them. Will see.
Probably answer will be: send it to us for repair or send it back for replace or refund.
But be honest, i do not really whant to repair it, would like to exchange (maybe for better one?) as paid $3000 and repair after 2 month? NO!
Will let you know what happened when i will find out.

01-26-2015, 12:33 PM
Hi, called to asus this morning, they done couple tests and told me they think its motherboard gone, have to send to asus for replacement.

01-26-2015, 01:08 PM
Damn it dude... And that means 2 months of waiting ? You could try to make a request and ask for a replacement model since it takes so long. You could say that you have work to do with it and that you can't stay so long without a laptop.

03-10-2015, 09:36 PM
Hi, everyone, just to update. Asus pick my G751 JY for repair on 26th of January and today is 10 of March but its still under repair status.
Even its already 30 days repair warranty gone but no repair, no solution, NOTHING AT ALL! Great service from ASUS. Will keep you udated if any changes.
Be honest -should join the forum and read about G751 model before purchase.

03-18-2015, 01:45 AM
Suddenly its back after 39 days of repair, were ASUS promised to repair it within 30 days!
As mystery Thi D told me if unit not repair within 30 days – another solution will be provided.
I only have been provided with promises but nothing else, only have to wait.
Unit has been collected from me on 26th of January and arrived to repair centre 04th of March – it took 8 days to get within UK? I will walk around UK much quicker than that special delivery.
Its has been repaired by www.letmerepair.com (company in Scotland).
When it arrived computer has been in dirty condition, all around (most on top lead) greasy/ dirty fingerprints marks. At the bottom some glue marks and looks a like computer has been shuffled on the worktop for whole month, screen has been wiped with dirty/ greasy staff. WHY???
On the front lid, over logo 2 scratches 1 cm long plus some little scratch spots.
But delivery person bring it in securely sealed box, unit has been wrapped safely with bubble wrap.
Ok, think to call to ASUS to complain about but decide to check if it working before call.
Took some photos before use it, started computer and of course when they repair they reinstall windows but on start-up computer starts normally, not as fresh windows has been installed.
I find lots of unnecessary apps has been installed and looks a like its just used computer but no way or no how that computer comeback from approved repair centre!
Yes computer works fine, even clicking noise gone from sound card when you started any sound file but I decided to check all hardware and found all hardware is present except the RAM.
I have sent computer in all original format with 24 Gb of RAM but it has been returned with 16GB of RAM. OOOOOooooooo, where is gone, its shrinked ???
It was enough, I contacted to customer service, where they took all details and told me to report it to higher level support and send pictures also to them, its what I did.
Thank you for contacting ASUS and raising your complaint with our support team.
We are terribly sorry to be advised that you are experiencing issues with your ASUS product and the service provided by ASUS and its repair partner.

We are terribly sorry to learn that the unit has been returned back with damages on the unit. Kindly be advised that we were still awaiting the outcome of the escalation raised. As the unit was not sold in the UK region escalation is required which will require sometime. In the meantime, the repair line finished the repair without us knowing, this is something that will be handled internally.

In regards to the condition of the unit when returned, could you please supply pictures of the unit as this is required for the claim that we need to raise.

We understand that the repair and the services supplied has caused a lot of frustations, unfortunately without the pictures there is limited to what we can do.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Our apologies once again for the troubles caused.

Kind regards,
Thi D.
ASUS UK Support team

If you see, they say no word about RAM, I have to write again and asked them to harry up and do something, and reply was:
Thank you for your emails and the pictures supplied of your unit.

We have raised the matter with the repair line as well. In regards to your unit, the decision was made to await the repair hence the escalation file to management was declined. We have been advised that if all parts are available and been delivered to the repair line we will finish the repair. Hence the escalation has been declined as at the time the parts were received as confirmed by the repair line.

Please bear with us and as we are investigating the matter of the condition of the unit when it was returned back from repair.

Our apologies for the inconveniences caused to you.

Kind regards,
Thi D.
ASUS UK Support team
Nothing again about RAM!

Now, just have to wait?! That is joke!I can see point of heads but i can see also point that they are more worry about own pocket but not the customer satisfaction.
Agreement is agreement! 30 days customer did not received unit - something should be done urgently but not just time wasting!
If I will call to asus and ask them for repair but system will be 1 year and 1 day old they will say to me: sorry its out of warranty and you have to pay for the repair and parts. I will say its only 1 day over but asus reply will be just: sorry its out of agreement, yes? YES!
Now 30 days (guaranty days of the repair) gone but no repair complete - ASUS) sent just excuses!!!

Will see what they comeback with.

04-04-2015, 09:05 PM
news is... NO EXUSE FROM ASUS AT ALL for condition i have recieved from repair centre.
They told me that:
1) i have sent pc to repair center in dirty condition
2) I have sent pc to them with 16gb of ram but not 24
3) all scratches come on with pc already has been there when they had received it.

You know my answers to it? BBBBBOOOOOLLLLLOOOOOKKKKKSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be careful when you send your pc for repair to aprooved repair centre, take pictures, let delivery man sign statement of pc condition and pack in front of him/her.
take pictures and do other things before you actually send it out.

04-04-2015, 09:19 PM
1 more proove for asus about there honest repair centre:

List of repair they done:
1- replace of motherboard,
2- change the battery,
3- change the SSD.

My point of view of it:
1 - ok, yes 99% possibilities of motherboard.
2- battery? only 1% of possibility of any problems with a battery.
3- SSD. FAULTY?!!? MAYBE but here i have BIG NO!!!
Originally pc has bought with 256gb of ssd. I bought samsung evo840 500gb,
cloned ssd and replace it straigh away, and it has been working with it near a month until pc died.
Before I sent pc out for repair i put original ssd back, just for incase if that pc never back to me.
When they repiar it they change ssd, why? it never been used soon i remmove it and i 100% sure its 100% in working order
but they change it just to make extra work? I don't know why but it another proove to asus how honest there repair centre is.

ASUS be happy and keep happy your self, but if you keep bull****ting AND UPSETING a clients you will endup with loss
but with good relation with repair centres who you do believed more. Maybe it what you after?!

04-04-2015, 09:30 PM


maybe is not all the time but im telling that because it happenning to me - my experiance with asus.

sorry, yes you will recive from asus emails abot that they appologies what happened but NOTHING MORE!!!.

04-06-2015, 11:18 AM
Oh, boy... I feel so sorry to see what happend to you. As a Asus fan and user of their products I feel so dissapointed about service quality they provide worldwide. Even here in Serbia, the service is so bad and incompetent, and employees within it are not equiped and educated enough. I have some issues with my own G751JY, but due to a long term experience I always try to solve problems alone. Yes, you are absolutely right about design and capabilities but than again inside it has a lot of space for improvement. It is a big pitty that potent company like Asus does not taking much more care about what customers are thinking, our experience, and suggestions. If they only would, they might be soon so great at our common pleasure. Also, if they get first hand information and arguments about bad service in some of their partner companies, they should find another ones. Not to support stealing from those servicies. Too bad word for them now. I expected a lot more from Asus. I'm thinking of buying MSI GT80. Again, I feel sorry for your experience, it might be anyone of us here. And I invite all potential Asus moneyspending buyers to read some of this posts at the very own Asus ROG forum, that they opened, but it's the only support you will get from Asus.