View Full Version : ROG Splash screen still there after Clean Install?

01-25-2015, 12:54 AM
I am going to clean install 8.1 and I would like to know if the ROG splash screen at boot will still be there. If not, could someone please direct me to the image so I can save it?

01-25-2015, 01:10 AM
I know, it's a stupid question, but if it isn't embedded in the BIOS, I would like to save it.

01-25-2015, 02:22 AM
If not, you could always download an image file of it (Go through Google Images), and then download ASUS FancyStart from their website, and then tell it to load the JPG of your selected boot screen. (It's a utility that lets you change the bootscreen)

From experience of messing around with clean installs a lot, I would hazard a guess that your boot screen will remain intact after a fresh install.

01-25-2015, 04:01 AM
I have clean installed and swapped hard discs and updated the bios and my splash screen is still there.
unles you manually modify the bios it will remain.

01-25-2015, 10:27 AM
Sometimes the ROG splash is not there for very long though, particularly if you boot from an SSD.

01-25-2015, 02:04 PM
Simply re-enable Fast Boot and Secure Boot in the BIOS settings, your ROG Splash Screen will return on bootup.

If you wish for boot-up media to be read however, for example OS Discs or a USB thumbdrive that has something like DBAN on it, you must disable Fast Boot and Secure Boot again.

If you have any more questions please feel free to message back. ;d

01-27-2015, 03:22 AM
Done, splash still there. Why was I not able to format my drive? I used a stick for my oem reg and it never asked for it and the format option was grayed out. Not a big deal, just a deal. I am doing this in prep for my ssd, if crucial EVER sells its new '200. I almost went win 10, but cancelled the install. Maybe the next release...