View Full Version : IMPORTANT INFO : G551JM Audio and Display Driver

01-29-2015, 11:48 AM
Hi all ! Like the title says, i have discovered that the driver from this model's product page has issues(low volume, weird sound equalization), as mentioned in another thread.

I hope asus notices these two matters and updates the drivers on the product page(version 7283) with the one on the general support page(support.asus.com) which has version 7417 and has drastically improved audio quality both for the laptop speakers and for headphones. Also the subwoofer volume and 2 audio jacks bugs are gone.

For the display driver almost all of the drivers from asus websites(333.60 to 345.05) seem to have issues with the gtx 860m Maxwell 4GB. They do not report the stock frequency and the boost one correctly. Using nvidia`s reference driver(nvidia.com) latest versions from 344.75 to 347.25 i have succesfully reached 1097mhz boost frequency in games and stress testing.