View Full Version : ASUS G750JZ won't charge or power up, ******* broken.

Master Po
01-29-2015, 12:01 PM
I have to say this, after having 10 ASUS G-series laptops, the quality is so poor. It's like "Made in China" toy.

So my problem, after 6 months, my ASUS G750JZ won't charge or power.

Meaning, the powerwire doesn't give any power to my ASUS G750JZ.
I changed the powercharge\wire\device and plugged it in ASUS G750JZ, doesn't power up then either.

I tried the powerchargewirething on another different ASUS G750JZ, no problem.

So clearly there is a fault inside the G750JZ and not the powerwireblock thing.

But the funny thing is that it.. SOMETIMES power up, but mostly these days it doesn't.

So f-tired sending in EVERY single ASUS G-series laptop I've bought to RMA.
Not a single one had made it pass 1 year before screen\graphic problems.
Power problem, and so on.

01-30-2015, 09:19 PM
you just got a bad one. i had to take my first one back to the store for a replacement. the one i use now is built like a brick ****house.