View Full Version : My asus g75 frying my hard drives

01-29-2015, 07:22 PM
Hey guys I've own my asus g75 for a little over 2 years with no problems, like 3 months ago I restarted my laptop it went blue and then it couldn't start again, typical blue screen of death, so I took it to a repair shop and the guy looked at it and told me a needed a new hard drive so he put a new hd installed window 7 again and laptop was good to go again then, just couple days ago again I'm using my laptop with no problems whatsoever I turn it off and then when I turn it on again Same thing bluescreen of death laptop cannot fix the problem , can't boot safe mode can't boot from cd nothing I'm afraid I fried my hard drive again.? Laptop is at the same repair shop I'm waiting for a call to see what's the problem but I'm guessing is the hard drive again.

here is a little about my asus g75 everyday life
I browse the Web , play dota2 and run bluestacks that's basically it I don't do any overcloking the fans are running fine and clean free of dust

1 thing I do is I never turn it off like I have it set to never go to sleep. could that be why I fried 2 hard drives in the past 3 months , laptop was running completely fine both times before I turn it off and it never turn on again :(

any ideas?

Ps: I set my laptop to never go to sleep because I run a bot inbluestacks for clash of clans. Or I just leave dota2 open.