View Full Version : G75vw can't burn CDs or DVDs

01-31-2015, 02:27 AM
So i'm having again issues with my G75vw..I can't write or erase a disk (it tells me it's not writable even if it's a brand new CD/DVD or a rewritable one) if I don't uninstall and then reinstall the optical drive driver each time. This is not working all the time..sometimes it fails burning the disk at 99%...Today I got the error "Power calibration error" from Nero while erasing a DVD. It's a fresh genuine copy of windows 8.1 as I reinstalled it today thinking that the problem would be solved. But the issue is still here. Any suggestions?

By the way, it just came out of warranty :)

It's the worst laptop I ever had. Changed under warranty:
-LCD panel
-USB 3.0 daughterboard