View Full Version : V.I.P For Big guys in Team Asus

01-31-2015, 05:56 AM
Sup guys :)

why there's no a fan page group for discussion ... ?

why there's no poll for asus fans on future projects ? what they want asus to build in the future ...etc?

why asus making nothing new,only recycling heatsinks ?

why there's no new suggestions or recommendation for new projects ?

air cooling in graphic cards became so old ... why there's nothing new or epic a new cooling technology that can be external to cool the graphic card ... ?

what about the phase change cooling ? why't asus isn't concerned with cooling i know there are many cooling companies but they are normal their products aren't extreme .... ?

why asus is not concerned with building a new external gpu defrost system like the phase change cooler which can keep temps up to -30 ?

phase change coolers are few they aren't many and they still aren't extreme ,because if you really want an extreme phase change cooling you must build one on ur own and that's so difficult ....