View Full Version : Combine two harddrives

02-02-2015, 03:46 AM
Ok all sorry if this has been asked before I couldn't come up with any helpful search terminology. Anyway

I just bought a G751jm and it was a pita to get Linux running. Had to physically remove my win8 hdd to get the live dvd to boot and got it installed so I wasn't able to do the usual 'install alongside windows' thing. Now I'm trying to get it setup so that I don't have to boot to bios and override disk boot priority just to change OS. How can I merge the bootloaders when they are on separate disks?

02-02-2015, 04:10 AM
OK after getting both drives put in then resetting bios to Optimized defaults I was able to get Easybcd to successfully add Kali to the Windows Bootloader. So it looks like this is solved. I would've deleted the post but I can't figure out how lol