View Full Version : Asus rog g750js, can you tell me if GPU temperature 75-85C is good or bad?

02-02-2015, 06:42 PM
Hello everyone! How is going?

I want to ask you something guys, i am kinda noob when its come to hardware so can you tell me if GPU temperature 75-85C is good or bad? I got these numbers while playing game as CoD, Dying Light, Nosgoth. I am worried because i know how hot the lamp is when i touch it and now i imagine same heat in my machine :(

Also i disable the turbo boost of my i7 4700HQ processor. Temperatures drop dramatically, almost with 20C. Right now i am getting numbers as 60-65 while playing. When i put my hand behind my laptop there is almost no hot heat and i don't lose game performance. My question is it healthy to keep turbo boost disable always? Also what exactly is Turbo boost and why should i use it anyway? That thing gives so much heat to my precious CPU...

Sorry if i am asking already answered questions!

02-03-2015, 11:26 AM
Turbo boost is related to CPU power, which by itself is secondary in most games, and relevant only in a few of them like civilization or a couple of 'em that use cpu for physics related stuff. Pretty rare today.

Disabling turbo boost you get, in practice, 1 or 2 frame per second loss, IF you get it.

A Temperature of 80 for the GPU during gameplay is completely normal, however. You should have a utility called GPU Boost that controls GPU overclocking on the go, and you can disable GPU overclocking, if you wish, but that will have a Greater impact on performance.

Your choice at the end, really.

02-05-2015, 11:18 PM
It's fine. The problem occurs when your laptop starts randomly shutting off. You see I tested and reviewed this matter carefully. The mobile GPU's (At least as far the 800M series are concerned) do this. They have a limit and once you hit that limit the GPU will start decreasing it's clocks speed in order to cool down. SO there will never be a temperature 100C (If there is there is a fault in the GPU) and you have nothing to worry about.