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02-02-2015, 08:29 PM
Ill start off to say im familiar with pcs only because i work with them, I have never owned a gaming rig or anything powerful like the g20. I was at a local store and started to build one when a friend of mine told me how he loves his g20 and simple small form factor, and that's what im looking for, building one started to cost just as much as the g20 when my carriage was filled:mad:

So I have a few questions maybe some of you can answer, to start id like to say I purchased and owned the i5 model for about a week. it had a bunch of problems and froze up on boot every morning. Also the CPU was hitting 100% usage when i was doing small tasks. I will say the i5 model was quiet and could handle newer games like Advanced warfare with no issues.
I returned the i5 model and got the i7 with the 16gb of ram and the gtx 760 (which i heard was a failing card)
Got home and did windows 8.1 updates first then went on to the Nvidia Drivers and the thing works amazing. One thing i did notice was the fans had an inconsistent wave sound while doing updates and multitasking (sounded like ocean waves). The computer boots properly and seems to work well, this is my first week owning it. I have noticed on the forums many people bought these rigs and had great luck with them till about week 2 or month one and they started acting up, should I purchase that expensive 200$ bestbuy warranty? Anyone else have weird issues with them? I own a lenovo Y50 4K and i have noit yet had a single issue with start up, slow downs or anything to due with OS or Hardware, so far the G20 has put a scare on me for dependability, but at the same time its everything i want in a gaming rig/ multitasking video/photo rig

Thanks guys let me know your thoughts


02-03-2015, 02:58 AM
u have 1 year warranty with asus , if something goes wrong , if it does 3 to 4 weeks RMA with asus , 200$ bestbuy warranty read it carefully , only if they give u a completely new PC , owners have no problems with their G20 some others do , its a small unit fans need to vent air . no sound from fans that's a problem, have fun enjoy . Register your G20 with asus, check the driver page every few weeks , its new on market therefore updates will be coming . GTX 760 is good card , google it
u can buy extended warranty from asus http://www.service.asus.com/#!downloads/c1wax