View Full Version : Why no 5-Way-Optimization for RoG Motherboards?

02-03-2015, 09:41 PM
Hey there!

After watching a view X99 videos about the Asus Boards i for sure had to hit the 5 way optimization video. I was pretty much impressed that it did just reach ~4,5GhZ in like 20 min. No idea if it is stable but i like the idea of having a fast way to overclock that takes care of your system and gives you a point where you can start with manual overclocking.

Now in another video i had to see that it still uses CPU Levelup on the Rampage V. I allready know it from my Rampage IV but i guess it will just have presets that are 100% stable like .. 3,9ghz on the 2011-3?

Im just a bit confused and would like to get some infos before i go "disappointed mode" due to no knowledge.