View Full Version : G551 or GX550 for my upgrade

02-06-2015, 11:16 AM
Hello all,
I currently own a GT50VT and to be honest I am very happy with this laptop so far. Even though I have some issues with the screen (inverter most probably or a worn-out wire)
I am a computer programmer and also a gamer :), as most of us here.

I believe itís time for me to upgrade, and I am not sure which laptop will be best for me. So I would like your opinion as well if possible.

I am travelling very often so I need something that is light and preferable 15".
Personally I am a Blizzard fan and WOW is my main game for now. I have been reading some reviews, about the G551JM, and some people say that itís not a real gaming laptop.
As a developer I use a lot Visual Studio as well as SQL and ISS/apache servers.

I really like the idea of the GX550 or the new G501 mentioned here: (http://rog.asus.com/399392015/g-series-gaming-laptops/g501-the-coolest-quietest-thin-light-15-inch-gaming-laptop-with-4k-pcie-ssd/), but I have no clue when the release date will be, and if it really worthís waiting.
I know that you cannot keep up with technology, but at least I need something I could use like my G50VT.

EDIT: Just an additional question regarding the G551JM, does anyone knows if the CPU and the GPU of the computer can be upgraded?

Thank you all in advance for your time

07-05-2016, 02:41 PM
I purchased an 550V recently. It is capable of playing WOW at decent resolutions imo. Thats the only game I've loaded on it so far.

The 6700K and ddr4 memory provide excellent performance. Hard drive performance is ok, but I may upgrade to an SSD.

The only drawback to the x550V is my ability to clearly read the keyboard under any situation where there is not a high intensity light directly over the keyboard.
The dark red lettering on black keys makes it difficult to read all the large lettering. The smaller shift and FN lettering on the keys are almost impossible for me
to read. I would not recommend this keyboard to anyone who may want to take the laptop to a coffee house or sit in the back of any room where there is not perfect
brilliant lighting. Something to consider, as your eye sight may be different than mine.

edit. my x550v came with a 950M graphics card. These can be upgraded, but the costs to purchase the upgraded graphics cards exceeds
that of just buying a better laptop (for now anyway).

I would caution against a cpu upgrade on any laptop unless you are experienced at working on laptops. I did upgrade an AMD processor
on a laptop a number of years ago and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone other than a professional bench tech. There are videos on youtube that
show laptop cpu upgrades, so judge for yourself.