View Full Version : Why foramat all drives when using Backtracker?

02-08-2015, 05:12 PM
So, I spent an entire weekend backing up files to a new 1TB D: drive. Created a restore USB using Backtracker. I then proceeded to install a new SSD to be my primary OS drive. Boot to the Backtrack USB and restore to have a fresh copy of OS installed. Not only did it create my C drive, it re-partitioned my D drive (backup drive) into two 500GB partitions, effectively blowing away an entire weekends work of backing my files up to my D drive!!! Why does Backtracker not give you options on what drives it touches and how to create the partitions? Maybe I don't want the primary drive partitioned into a C drive and storage drive and have it mess up my backup drive. This program NEEDS to have user options!!! I saw nothing that would allow me to change the setup.