View Full Version : Can not put my computer to sleep out of fear

02-10-2015, 01:32 AM
I have a G750JW and have had it for about a year. This is not the first time this issue has happened. If my computer goes to sleep it can not be recovered I have to do a hard reset wait a minute then power it back on. Sometimes when trying to boot back up it will freeze while booting. I've talked with Asus support got an RMA sent it in and got it back with the issue still happeneing. Actually on first activation the thing froze, I WAS PISSED!!. Now I'm just trying not to throw this thing across the room into a millions peaces. Any help would be great. Im using windows 8.1, have current bios 208, and I think I have all current drivers. I have a copy of 8.1 to do a fresh none Asus install but I am going to wait to see if anyone replys before I go through with it