View Full Version : Bios password locked out.

02-11-2015, 12:09 AM
Hello, I brought a ROG 74sx-NH71 gaming laptop about 2 years ago on ebay. It was great! As a sturdy, solid gaming machine, I powered through countless foes in games of Starcraft II, beating other micro-ers to the click by milliseconds with smooth and consistent frame rates.

About a year ago, I set a password on my BIOS and (Blasted machine is so stable for me) never went back in. Now, I'm giving the machine to someone else (While I upgrade in favor of Geforce 860m) and have forgotten the password :mad:

(Initially, I locked the touch pad in the BIOS because my left wrist/ right thumb rubbed against the touchpad) And I'd like to give them full control of the machine for their tastes.

I've heard of a backdoor password, rescue password (alt + r) but I'm not too sure where I get them. HELP!